Sunday, January 11, 2015

The World Reacts to the Attacks on Charlie Hebdo

Paris protesters hold up pens in solidarity with slain cartoonists and journalists

The world was shocked this past week as the offices of Paris-based satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo were attacked. The paper had a history of publishing controversial images of religious figures. Although the newspaper had endured many threats in years past, as well as a previous terrorist attack in 2011, this week's violence claimed the lives of 12 people, including the paper's editor-in-chief. 

Journalism remains a dangerous occupation in many parts of the world. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 91 journalists and media workers lost their lives in 2014. The group also counts over 220 journalists detained worldwide last year. While war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq have been the deadliest for journalists in recent years, China and Iran lead the world in jailing news workers.

Librarians stand with journalists and other information professionals who work every day to keep information free and open to the public. The American Library Association condemned the recent attacks in a press release stating: "Libraries and the press are the bedrock of democratic societies.  Free expression is essential for librarians and journalists to do their jobs.  Free speech is integral to the ethical values and best practices for both professions.  Such attacks are counter to the values of access to information with diversity of views—and to the values of civic engagement, which encourages people to read and discuss these views without fear."

Photo by Gwenael Piaser. Creative Commons license.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Stressed About Finals? #NoWorriesUM!

Students and Colleagues,

The library plans special events each semester around final exam time to help students relieve study-related stress and anxiety.  The library has held breaks centering on free cereal for students and the response has been enthusiastic.  Last night the always popular Cereal Night had an estimated 150 students attend.  Stop by tonight for more cereal!

This year the library is adding activities to help you unwind from finals.  Please consider stopping by and participating in some of our new activities!

  • Starting Wednesday  at 2:00 pm:  Help knit the world longest scarf!  Carmichael Library is trying to break the record for the World’s Longest Scarf and we need your help! The record is 33.74 Miles and it took 3 years but we can beat it! Not only are we going to beat the record but we are putting our knitting skills to work by also doing community service. Once we beat the record we will divide our scarf into multiple scarves to donate to Shelby Emergency Assistance to help families in need of warm clothes. A knitting station can be found in the Browsing Area on the main floor of the library. Together we can do it!
  • Wednesday and  Thursday and Friday 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Experts will be available to teach you to knit.  Calling all knitters! Come out and help.  The knitting station will be open Wednesday after 2:00 p.m.  through Friday for anyone to stop by and take a moment to knit.  Stop by and knit to help us break the World’s Record.
  • Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Crafts in the Library! 3:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday at 3:00 pm learn a new craft!  Make a Christmas tree ornament from the pages of old books!  The craft table will be open whenever the library is open. The craft table is in the Browsing area on the main floor in Ollie’s cafĂ©.
  • Games: Check out your favorite board games. Just sign up with the student on duty at the welcome desk on the ground floor and take a board game to play! We have Candyland, Uno, Taboo…take a look at the assortment of board games at the welcome desk on the ground floor.  A Giant Checker game is set-up right outside the JA Brown Room.
  • Bubbles:  Bubble wands are on a table outside the front entrance of the library. Pick up a wand and wave your stress away! The Bubble machine outside the front entrance of the library will be on most of the day and night. 
  • Secret Prizes: Check out the Carmichael Library Facebook Page and find the Secret Phrase. Come to the library and Say the Secret Phrase to the student assistant or librarian at the Reference desk on the main floor to claim your Final Exam Survival Prize. Like us on the Carmichael Library Facebook and look for the Secret Phrase.
  • TV screen main floor:  Watch the Friends of Felines Rescue Center 24 X 7 live feed.   
  • TV screen on the ground floor:  Relax while watching a crackling log fire. Bring your Snuggie and study by the virtual fire.
Also, follow our web resources to reduce finals stress, chosen by our library staff! We're sharing them this week on Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ILLiad to Be Unavailable Monday, December 1st

Next week will bring some temporary down time for our interlibrary loan service as we perform a system upgrade. ILLiad will be unavailable for requests between the hours of 12:00-2:00 p.m. on Monday, December 1st.

Prior to 12:00 p.m. on Monday we will temporarily disable our interlibrary loan web pages at Over the next several hours we will still accept requests for articles and books; for help submitting a request during this time, please use our Ask a Librarian web pages. Remember that any electronic requests submitted during the maintenance window will not be saved in our system. We will post to social media on Monday once the system upgrade is complete.

Thanks for your patience as we perform this update to our systems!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Announcing Digital History: History 411 for Spring 2015!

Detail of Spring 2014 HIS 411 Project by Hannah Givens

This news from Assistant Professor of History John Bawden: History 411 is open to students from all majors!

The course explores the way digital technology is changing the face of humanities research. Students participate in a number of exciting online projects related to the use of digital tools and media.

Carmichael Library has provided ample support for this course and other courses focusing on the digital humanities. HIS 411 students have gotten hands-on experience working with archival and other primary source documents to create rich, interactive timelines. For examples from Dr. Bawden's Spring 2014 class, check out our Timelines Page.

Course Details:

CRN: 10994
Meets: M 5:00-7:30 UMOM 309
Instructor: Dr. John R. Bawden
Contact: (205) 665-6179
Pre-requisites: History 101 & 102

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Depression and Suicide Awareness Resources

The college years are a challenging time for many people. In addition to pursuing studies many students also juggle work and family obligations. But what if the stress of trying to keep up with all of these things becomes overwhelming?

UM's Office of Counseling Services endeavors to help students through these trying times. The Office provides free and confidential services to students including individual and group counseling.

Carmichael Library is partnering with Counseling Services to highlight the twin problems of depression and suicide. According to the Jed Foundation, one in four people will experience a depressive episode by age 24. Unfortunately, research shows that college age people are among the least likely to seek help for mental health issues.

Carmichael Library and Counseling Services have a shared goal of contributing to the academic success of all of our students. To that end, we've compiled a Depression and Suicide Awareness Resources list. The list contains nearly 20 book titles chosen by UM counselors and librarians to help students who may be struggling with depression, or to serve as resources for those who are helping a friend or loved one.

Our Depression and Suicide Awareness resource shelf is located on the east side of the library's Main Floor, near the Browsing Collection and restrooms. All of these items are available for checkout. While you're visiting the resource shelf, consider taking one of the cards, which have been supplied by Counseling Services. The cards list some of the signs and symptoms of depression.

To learn more about the Counseling Services office, visit their website or give them a call at (205) 665-6245.