Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Montevallo Ghost Stories

It's time for the final installment of Montevallo Ghost Stories...

From "Ghost Legends Continue," By James K.W. Tan.
Alabamian Oct. 25, 1984

"...Hanson Hall too [is] said to be haunted. The ghost in that hall, eyewitnesses say, will make things disappear. Tony Davis, whose cousin lived in Hanson, said that the ghost made his cousin's coffee cup disappear and reappear two weeks later. 'When she turned, her cup was not there any more. She had searched everywhere for the missing cup but could not find it.' However, two weeks later, the cup mysteriously reappeared on the exact spot where she had left it. He also added that his cousin complained of noises that came from the wall.

"In another incident, a few girls were watching television. Suddenly, they saw a light floating into the T.V. room. Needless to say, they ran out of the room as fast as their legs could carry them. They told the hall director about it, but when they went up to the room again, they found nothing."

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