Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wild Thing; SwampThing; Do the Right Thing; Where the Wild Things Are; And Now Presenting--- LibraryThing.com!

Social Web Networking for Bookworms?

LibraryThing (http://www.LibraryThing.com/) is a website that allows you to create a quality online catalog of your customized personal library. Simply enter words from the titles or the authors of books you own and the LibraryThing search engine pulls and displays books that match your descriptive data from 78 libraries around the world, (including the Library of Congress and Amazon.com) You can view your catalog of items instantly and sort them as you wish -- authors, for example, or tags that you specify like "books about SKA music" or "novels set on college campuses." Participants can catalog for free up to 200 books. The social aspect of the site is that you can discover shared favorites, swap recommendations, and learn about the collection of other members (however, privacy protection limiters are certainly available) Not only is there a Book Suggester search mode, there is a Book Unsuggester ... books that members suggest you steer clear of based on your posted taste.

The site was created by Tim Spalding, student of Greek and Roman litertature and a web developer and publisher based in Portland, Maine. Spalding states on the LibraryThing website that his site is in permanent beta development so that he can continue to enrich it with features such as reviews and links to retail book stores.

Several related sites you might explore are:
http://www.bibliotravel.com/ a free online resource for identifying books set in distinct locals. (Lonelyplanet.com does a nice job with books and film recommendations for the traveler.)
http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/ and companion http://www.thisonenext.com/search is a recommendation service for cds, dvds, and books not just based on former purchase data but on expressed preferences in a created profile.

Patsy Sears

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