Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IL Day 2

I have arrived at the epicenter of Library geekdom. Everywhere I look, there are librarians on laptops, using Palms and Blackberries, and talking on cell phones. These are my people.

This morning, however, I decided to skip the day's keynote address so I could catch up on sleep (Sunday was a LONG day of travel) and get my daily workout by walking along the seafront. The chorus of seals was amazing! They are everywhere in the harbor. The noise they make, especially when they're barking while under the wharf, is amazing.

Back to the conference. Yesterday, I attended a couple of interesting sessions on web design and web tools. I have a long list of new tools (toys?) to check out, and I'll be posting here about them as I experiment with them. Two speakers talked about the process their institution used to redesign the library web site, and I hope to use a lot of that information as we take a closer look at Carmichael's web site this spring.

Today, I'm in a day-long session on libraries in Second Life, and I'm speaking as part of a panel this afternoon. It's interesting to get to meet many of my SL colleagues face to face and to hear more about what they're doing in world.

I'll let you know how the presentation goes later today.

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