Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day at the Anagama Kiln

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts from my trip to UM's anagama kiln today. I was there for over an hour in the mid-afternoon and had a chance to chat with Scott Meyer, a couple of our student artists, and some visiting artists from the faculty at UAB.

This weekend's action is the twelfth firing of the anagama kiln since its maiden blast back in the spring of 2002. Once again, I was impressed with the mammoth effort that it takes to keep Fat Bastard up and running. While I was there, I caught the four o'clock temperature reading, which registered just above 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit in two rear locations and 2,375 degrees in the front fire pit. No more than five or ten minutes passed between stoking and feeding the flame.

The artists participating in this May 2008 firing have started a photo pool, which you can check out here. There's not too much there at this point, as most of the people involved in the project have likely been too busy to post their shots, but we'll be adding the library's photos there. As always, you can view all of the pics we've taken on our Flickr.

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