Thursday, June 26, 2008

New DVDs for June 2008

New DVDs!
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Here are just a few of the titles that will be available for checkout tomorrow at your campus library. New feature films, documentaries, and more are here, just in time for the weekend!

The new titles include:

Dreamgirls - Three young women Deena Jones, Effie White, and Lorrell Robinson desire to become pop stars. They get their wish when they are picked to be backup singers for the legendary James "Thunder" Early. When they are set free for leads, Curtis Taylor and Effie's brother C.C. decide that Deena should be the lead singer, which upsets Effie. The girls discover exactly what it takes to be in the music business and what they must give up to realize their dream.

7 Secrets of Savvy Students: Study Smarter, not Harder - The Cracking College DVD teaches proven suuess tactics that show students how to attack college efficiently and effectively from the very first day.

Aida - In this opera by Giuseppi Verdi, Aida, an Ethiopian princess, is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. A military commander, Radames, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh. To complicate the story further, Radames is loved by the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris, although he does not return the feeling. This San Francisco Opera edition features Luciano Pavarotti and Margaret Price.

The House of Sand - A woman and her mother are sent to an island and spend almost 60 years trying to leave it. Follow three generations of the woman's family as they all try and find happiness on a lagoon surrounded by shifting dunes.

La Vie en Rose - Raised in a brothel, then wrested from the only life she knew by her father, so they could join the circus, Edith Piaf spent her teen years on the streets. She is finally "rescued" by a crime figure who gives her career a start and, ultimately, by her international success and final illness. Always frail, sickly, malnourished, and wildly temperamental, she was often on drugs or alcohol and was always in search of true love. Middleweight boxer, Marcel Cerdan, captures her heart and gives her something to live for, besides her music--at least for a while.

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