Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Iran in the News

The recent days have brought a number of political developments in Iran. The disputed results of the June 12 presidential election in that country inspired millions around the world to take to the streets in protest. Demonstrations within Iran are now dying down as the government has cracked down on its detractors, sequestered independent and foreign journalists, and expelled foreign diplomats.

Because reliable information about Iran is hard to come by at this time, we've compiled a short list of websites containing news and analysis:
  • BBC News - from the leader in world news coverage this page contains a profile of Iran, a time line of recent events, and links to the latest news
  • Iran in Crisis - from Al Jazeera's English language website, updated video and news from the network's Iran Desk
  • - an independent organization of Iranian expatriates living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This page is frequently updated and provides news and analysis of current events
  • Tehran Bureau - this frequently updated and independent wesbsite is described as "a virtual bureau connecting journalists, Iran experts and readers all over the world."
Lastly, readers who are looking for the official positions of Iran will be interested in Press TV. While this website provides current information for English readers, remember that this news organization is funded and administered by the Iranian government.

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