Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy 57th Birthday, Barcode!

If you're using Google today, you'll notice a special logo at the top of the page. The Washington Post reports that today is the 57th anniversary of the barcode. contributor Michael Arrington writes that inventors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the patent for their idea on October 20, 1949. Nearly three years later, the barcode was patented on October 7, 1952.

It's hard to imagine life before the bar code. Not only do groceries and other companies use the ubiquitous line patterns in retail outlets, but they are also used on vehicles to aid identification. They are also now used on airline boarding passes. Finally, every one of the nearly 260,000 cataloged pieces at Carmichael Library has a bar code attached!

Remember when you're Googling today this invention that has changed the way we shop, travel, and conduct business. You go, bar code!

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