Friday, April 30, 2010

Classical Music Library Streaming Audio Now in Catalog

We're excited to announce a new service today. The Carmichael catalog is now loaded with records that link to individual streaming audio recordings in Classical Music Library. We now have over 2,700 of these in the catalog and this number will only grow as we get more records from the publisher of this database.

The simplest way to find all of these records is to launch a series search for Classical Music Library, but a better way to find these tracks is to use the "musical sound recordings" limiter with a search. The results include streaming audio from Classical Music Library and items from the Music CD collection housed here in Carmichael.

Another feature that I like is the persistent linking to individual albums within the Classical Music Library database. These links, along with the ability to create playlists, give you the ability to return to the same pieces without having to repeat your searches.

We hope you enjoy this new cataloging service! You may direct any questions or comments to me at cooperjd(at) or (205) 665-6114. We look forward to getting your feedback.

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