Monday, April 18, 2011

History Day in the Library, April 18

Photo from 2010 Fall History Day by Dr. Ruth Truss

Tomorrow, Carmichael Library will be the site of the History Department's semi-annual History Day. Seniors taking History 491 with Dr. Robert Barone will present their final research projects. At 1:00 p.m. we will have a Skype video session from England with 2005 UM alumna, Kelly Kilpatrick. Ms. Kilpatrick is soon to finish her DPhil in European History, The Historical Interpretation of Early Medieval Insular Place-Names, at Wadham College at Oxford.

The 2011 Spring History Day student presenters include:

Nathan Brown, "Southern Transformation: Chestnut Creek, the Rise and Fall of a Nineteenth Century Community"

Tiffany Cummings, "Environmentalism: A Movement of Humanity"

Marshall Davidson, "Spring Offensives of 1918: Germany’s Need for Manpower"

Vanya Gaines, "Chasing the Setting Sun: Churchill’s Early Years"

David Hughes, "The Development of the Coosa River: The Logan Martin Dam Project"

Christina Joiner, "The Making of Women in the 1920s: A Change in the Workplace, Relationships, and Culture"

Patrick Lakey, "Triumph Over the Will: Jazz Resistance Under the Third Reich"

Nick Miller, "Birmingham: The Civil Rights Movement and the African-American Church"

Christopher Robinson, "The Untold story: African-American Soldiers Who Defended the Southern Way Life During the Civil War"

Sarah Stephens, "Geronimo: The Last Campaign"

Richard Thompson, "Bloodshed in Alabama: The Major Players and Key Events of the Creek War"

Michael Trott, "Helicopter Pilots of the Vietnam War"

Amber Whiting, "The Aleutian Islands Campaign"

Please join us at any time between noon and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow!

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