Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Large Format Photo Printing and Book Binding Displays

Carmichael Library invites you to come by and view two excellent displays of student works through September 3, 2011: Professor Collin William’s Large Format Photo Printing class and Professor Min Sun Lee’s Graphic Design: Book Binding class.Large Format Photo Printing class

1,2,3--Katherine Lincoln (beach, trees, underwater faces)
4--Rachel Crisson (library, thrift store)
5--Quentin Cornelison (kiln)
6--Chazz McLemore (main street Montevallo)
7--Aziza Shunnarah (floral patterns)
8, 9, 12--Justin Lee (crosses, church, night landscape with figures)
10--John Nicholson (meme)
11--Brian Carroll (tabletop turned into landscape)
13--David Wright (timber)
14--Kimberlee Bullock (Buck Park)
15--Brittany Ledbetter (dolls in woods)

Graphic Design: Book Binding class

Mark Basco
Melissa H. Frennea
Margaret E. Hague
Charles T. McLemore
Jessica E. Richard
Matthew P. Shirley
Aziza A. Shunnarah
Hannah M. Stein
Michelle L. Anderson
Kimberlee C. Bullock
Jasmine D. Densmore
Joyce F. Garrison
Ana-Sky J. Johnson
Emily A. Jones

Thanks to Collin Williams, Min Sun Lee, and their students for letting Carmichael Library display the works.


Mike P. said...

Great post!

Jason Cooper said...

Nice shots, Mike!