Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Schedule Time in the Digital Media Lab

Welcome back to Montevallo, everyone!  The first few days of a new semester are always exciting.  One of the things I always did as a student was scan the syllabus once it got handed to me in class and figure out what I would have to do to succeed that semester.  Some might call this "planning ahead." Others might call it "missing the moment at hand."

Either way, you may find yourself doing something like that this week.  If you do notice your professor is requiring you to create a video, podcast, oral history, blog post, infographic, digital story, or some other strange kind of assignment that isn't a conventional class presentation, you may be interested in the Digital Media Lab at the Carmichael Library.

The Digital Media Lab offers a range of technology, equipment, and assistance on your multi-media and digital assignments.  We have microphones, mixing boards, video editing software, digital voice recorders, and more.  Mike Price is happy to help you out at any time, and this semester, we've released a completely automated scheduling system.  You can log on to our new website and book a time in the Digital Media Lab whenever you'd like.  Just click here to see when the lab is available.

When you book a time, click on the green time slots, and then you'll fill out a short form with some questions about your assignment.  Someone will write you back to confirm your appointment.  If you need time that's longer than an hour, click on multiple slots at the same time.  We look forward to seeing you this semester.

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