Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall 2012 Technology Workshop Instruction Series Announced

The Carmichael Library would like to announce the Fall 2012 Technology Workshop Instruction Series.  Visit the Initiatives section of our new website to find the full schedule of events and learn more about what we'll do.  The first event is Wednesday, September 12, at 5:30 PM.  Andrew Battista will lead a session on Informed Blogging:  Basics of Wordpress and Blogger.  There's no need to make a reservation; simply come, learn, and practice.

Instruction in the EBSCO Classroom

At the University of Montevallo, many instructors are beginning to bring blogs and online writing into the classroom experience in new ways.  Now, more than ever, writing for an online audience is a fundamental literacy that is expected of students in almost every quarter of the liberal arts curriculum.  Here's just a sample of blogs done by students in UM classes:

These blogs each feature a complex technical approach to digital rhetoric and writing. If you've been asked to write for an online audience, present work on a blog, or if you are just interested in formulating ideas for a blog of your own. You'll want to come to this workshop.  Direct all questions to Andrew Battista.

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