Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Introducing Credo Reference

Have you ever wished you could have a reference book collection at home (other than that dusty World Book set from 1988)?  You're in luck!  Carmichael Library now subscribes to Credo Reference, an electronic collection of over 600 encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Credo allows you to search for a term in the entire book collection--but it can do a lot more to help you learn about a topic.  If you like to browse the library shelves, try the Find a Book link.  You'll be able to choose a book based on academic discipline like you would in a print reference collection. Many terms have Topic Pages, which are compilations of encyclopedia and dictionary entries, scholarly and popular articles from library databases, related images, and more.  Or if you're a visual learner, you can create a Concept Map to learn more about your term and related topics.

Once you've gotten background information about a topic, Credo helps you launch into the next phase of research.  Choose from the dropdown menu to continue searching your topic in the WorldCat Local Catalog or a library database.

We hope you enjoy researching with Credo Reference!  Please contact Lauren Wallis or Jason Cooper with questions.

Can't get enough of electronic reference?  Find more titles on Carmichael's Virtual Reference Shelf!

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