Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet the (Virtual) Reference Books: Oxford Dictionary of Media and Communication

Meet the Reference Books introduces noteworthy encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials in Carmichael Library's print and digital collections.  Blog posts are contributed by Reference Student Assistants.  We're starting off the series this semester with titles from our Virtual Reference Shelf.  

This post is written by Kaitlee Daw, a Communications Studies major and PR minor.  Kaitlee introduces the Oxford Dictionary of Media and Communication. 

With the addition of the Public Relations minor on campus, students are likely to search far and wide for a resource about mass media and communication. Over 60 students have declared the PR minor, making it the largest on campus. With all these students studying Communications and Public Relations, a Virtual Reference Shelf source is a great asset.

The Oxford Dictionary of Media and Communication is perfect for students studying Mass Communication, Communication Studies, Public Relations or any combination of fields. This reference title has over 2,000 entries on relevant communication terms, including advertising concepts, communication theories, media production terms, and rhetorical concepts.

The Department of Communication encourages students to conduct research, intern and get hands-on experience though departmental projects. The Oxford Dictionary of Media and Communication gives students the resources they need to do that.

-Kaitlee Daw

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