Friday, October 20, 2006

Montevallo Ghost Stories

Montevallo's most famous ghost haunts Main Hall. On an evening way back in 1908, Condie Cunningham and her friends were cooking fudge using a Bunsen burner. When the call for lights-out came, one of the young women, in a rush, accidentally upset a bottle of alcohol near the burner. Condie's nightgown caught fire and, in a panic, she ran through the halls and down a stairwell near her room. Her screams could be heard throughout the halls. Due to serious injuries, Cunningham died at a nearby hospital.

Before the stairwell was removed in a renovation, residents often reported seeing the ghost of a young girl covered in flames. The door to Cunningham's former room is said to have had an image of a face surrounded by flames. After repeated attempts at removing the image, the door was taken from its frame. The door is said to be kept in a fourth floor room of Main hall. Apparently, this room is opened on occasion for viewing by curiosity seekers and admirers of the supernatural.

Tune in later this week for another installment of Montevallo Ghost Stories.

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