Friday, October 27, 2006

Montevallo Ghost Stories

"Ghost Legends Continue" By James K.W. Tan,
from the Alabamian Oct. 25, 1984

"A ghost has also supposedly been seen at the King House. Formerly known as the Mansion House, it was built by Edmund King in 1823. In the book, Jeffrey's Latest 13 More Alabama Ghosts, the spirit of King was said to be wandering around the area with a lantern and a shovel. Legends have it as the spirit was guarding the buried treasure. The treasure was hidden as King was afraid that the Yankees might rob it from him.

Noises were said to have been heard by a few students who were walking back from the library towards Comer Hall, cutting across the Quad. They said it sounded as if there were somebody walking in one of the upstairs rooms. And a strange dim light could be seen. It was like a ... lantern's light. Several people who declined to be named, also confirmed that they saw the curtains opened and then closed, and there was a figure smiling at them."

Tune in next week for the final installment of Montevallo Ghost Stories.

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