Monday, January 08, 2007

New Audio Books for January

As a service to our patrons, Carmichael Library subscribes to a collection of downloadable audio books. This collection is available to all members of the UM community and now includes 1,500 titles. Here's a sample of our latest additions:
  • The Amen Sisters, by Angela Benson
  • Blood on the Plains, by Walter Lucas
  • Direct selling 101, by Neil and Dana Phillips
  • New Stories from the South: the Year's Best, 2004, edited by Shannon Ravenel
  • Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner, by Lisa Wingate
  • Remember Me, by Mark Higgins Clark
  • Riley's Fire, by Lee Merrill Byrd
  • Trump Strategies for Real Estate, by George H. Ross with Andrew James McLean
As you can see from this short list the collection is diverse, including both works of popular fiction and non-fiction. For more information on Carmichael's audiobook collection check out our How Do I page.

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