Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Electronic Resources or Print Resources

Here are two LibQual+ comments posted on March 13:

It would be more than nice if the library could make more "FULL TEXT" articles available within the online scholarly journals. Thank you...

There is too much emphasis on electronic journals and hardly any on keeping the books up-to-date

Two very different opinions!

We try to find the appropriate balance between electronic and print resources in each discipline. We work closely with the faculty in each department to make the best use of the funds we have available for both. Our goal is to make available to you the resources you need in your studies in the most appropriate format.

Which journals are available in full text, however, depends on the journal's publisher. Some elect not to allow for any full text access through a database, some elect to allow that access only through specific databases, and others place an embargo of up to a year before articles are available online. And these decisions change frequently. Again, we work with the faculty to review our current resources and to determine if there are others that would better serve them and their students.

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