Thursday, March 29, 2007

Having Problems Accessing Our Website?

I took a call this evening from a patron who has been having trouble getting into our website. Following last weekend's server updates, we have had some problems accessing the university website this week ( and those should now be resolved. Tonight's question had to do specifically with accessing databases from a computer they don't always use to get into our website. Here are a few things that you may want to try if you're experiencing these problems:
  • Clear your browser cache. Sometimes your browser history may have an old cookie stored that could be interfering with your ability to access our databases. Clearing your browser's saved web pages, cookies and history may alleviate this problem.
  • Check to see if other web sites are working properly. It's simply the nature of the business that some ISP's will not always work correctly. Sometimes this only affects certain websites. If you're experiencing problems getting into our home page at, try some other sites that you normally visit on the web. Your service may be temporarily flaky.
  • If you get a specific error message in your browser, please make a note of it and let us know exactly what you're seeing on your end. In a few cases, these notes can help us diagnose the problem.
As always, be sure to call us at (205) 665-6100 with any of these problems. We're not always able to immediately figure out what's going on but we'll do our very best to try.

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