Friday, June 15, 2007

Live from Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit

I'm blogging these words during a morning session at the Library 2.0 Summit at Mississippi State University. Rosemary, Alan, and I drove from Montevallo this morning to join other librarians who are using Web technologies to reach their users in new ways.

This morning's keynote address was given by Michael Stephens, who writes a popular blog called Tame the Web. Library- and Web 2.0 technologies are his passion. I've had the good fortune of seeing him speak for the second time and once again I find that I want to test drive every Library 2.0 tool that we can get into!

If you've been following our blog in the recent months you know that your campus library has a virtual branch in SecondLife. We're also starting to share our photos in Flickr. We've created an RSS calendar so that you can track our hours and events in your favorite feed reader. My favorite project of all of these has been creating our own RSS feed for the library's popular Browsing Books collection.

The three of us will be presenting this afternoon on what we've done with the blog, as well as some of the Library 2.0 tools I mentioned above. Our session will be podcasted and I'm looking forward to sharing the link here. In the meantime, check out the Summit web site to see some of the terrific sessions we're attending today.

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