Sunday, June 10, 2007

Video: It's a Thick Book

We were thrilled to find that Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (ACCR) have made their 45-minute documentary, "It's a Thick Book," available online. The film was directed by Lewis Lehe, who got his first taste of Alabama politics when he went to the polls to vote in 2004.

Lehe approached ACCR and got a grant to work on the film. Using his computer and fairly rudimentary equipment, it took him the better part of a year to put it together.

A couple of weeks ago, Lehe was interviewed by the state politics blog Doc's Political Parlor. The young filmmaker talked about his efforts to keep the film nonpartisan:

"The thing I was most concerned about, I wanted the movie to be value neutral. About 40% of it is econ stuff, so you can’t really argue with that so much. Part of if it is history, and you can’t really argue that.

"It really is value neutral. There is no proposal in the film. It just highlights the problems.

It's a good piece of work no matter where one stands on the issue of constitutional reform. You can view the entire documentary at the ACCR website via Google Video.

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