Friday, August 31, 2007

Anagama Gallery at Eclipse

I had the good fortune to be at Eclipse Coffee and Books last night for the opening of the Anagama Art gallery. The front half of Cheryl Patton's shop has been transformed into a showplace for original pieces by Montevallo students and faculty.

The festivities began at seven, and I arrived about an hour later to hear UM professor and anagama kiln founder Scott Meyer speak about his art and his work with Montevallo's gifted student artists.

The crowd was treated to a short documentary piece directed by UM's John Hoerner, followed by a Q&A session. Scott spoke of how the extreme heat in the kiln kicked off chemical reactions that can lead to radical differences in color and texture. On the improvisational nature of the process Meyer concluded that "every firing [of the kiln] is like jazz." I really liked that idea.

I hope you enjoy these scenes from the evening. We've posted a few more shots from the event on the library's Flickr.

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