Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chi Omega Gets Caught Reading

You loved it this spring, and now it's back!

Get Caught Reading is back in a big way with our first shot of an entire student organization. We caught up with the ladies of Chi Omega at one of their meetings last week in Comer Hall. Normally, we ask our participant(s) to tell us what they're reading and what they think of it but as you can see, that would have taken a while... :)

We're always catching more people reading, so stay tuned: you never know who will be featured here next time. By the way, we're still accepting nominations for the faculty member you'd like us to catch reading. Send your pick to me at cooperjd(at)

You can also send me e-mail if you'd like to see your student organization here. Get Caught Reading is all about celebrating the diverse faces of UM and the many ways the community uses their campus library!

Finally, if you missed all of the buzz a few months ago click here to see who we caught reading this spring.

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