Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Digital Humanities

Several of the library faculty and staff attended THATCamp at Vanderbilt University last week in Nashville.  At the same time the Country Music Awards where given out, scholars in literature and languages, librarians, historians, and even a mathematician gathered at the Vanderbilt Curb Center ready to work together to learn the tools and pedagogy from fellow scholars doing hands-on digital work in the humanities. THATCamps are about Technology and Humanities.  I've learned a lot about digital humanities and met a lot of interesting people in the field. The conversation about the role of the digital humanities continues to provoke interesting discussions. The Los Angeles Review of Books provides some recent insight into the arguments. Stephen Marche's essay Literature is not Data: Against Digital Humanities is up first but then In Defense of Data: Responses to Stephen Marche's : "Literature is not Data" by Scott Seliseke and Holger S. Syme takes Marche on with a one-two knockout. I hope you take the time to read each essay. Comments are welcome.

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