Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Geocaching 101 @ Carmichael Library

Photo/graphic arts by Joel Bullock

Learn about geocaching at Carmichael Library! Are you new to geocaching? Heard about it and want to learn more? Tried to find a couple of caches and want to learn some secrets?

Spend an hour or so with other cachers at Carmichael Library at the University of Montevallo to learn the basics and a little bit more. Bobby Hall (known in cacher circles as GameForTravel) will present Geocaching 101 at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Hall's presentation will cover:
  • Basic history of the Global Positioning System
  • Description of geocaching
  • How to hide and find a cache
  • Basics of
  • What to take on a cache run
  • Types and sizes of caches
  • Basic usage of a GPSr
  • Logging your activities
This class was created on behalf of the Birmingham Geocachers group on Everyone is invited; regardless of caching experience, membership in the meetup group or any other affiliations! Those with a few (or many) caches under their belt are welcome to contribute their experience, expertise, stories, advice, jokes, techniques, skills, knowledge, and bug bite avoidance strategies.

In addition to the program, the library will provide refreshments. We hope to see you here next Tuesday evening! Let us and your friends know you're coming by connecting with us on Facebook.

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