Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voter Registration Deadline This Friday, October 24th

Alabama voters have until this Friday, October 24th, to register for the November 4th general election. If you're a UM student remember that you have the right to vote in Montevallo even if your permanent address is different than your current address (although you may need to update your registration.) To check your registration status use the Alabama Secretary of State's Alabama Votes website. To find registrars for other states, or to pick up a registration form, visit us here in the library.

The Alabama Votes website also has sample ballots, information on absentee ballots, and a number of other resources for voters. You can also reach the Secretary of State's Elections Division toll free at (800) 274-8683.


Joie said...

:O The link isn't working for me!

Jason Cooper said...

Sorry about that. It should be working now. :)