Thursday, April 23, 2009

Behind the Hedges...

Behind the Hedges...lurks secret deals, out of control personal spending, adultery,feuds, cover-ups, backstabbing, corporate shenanigans!

No I'm not talking about an episode of Days of Our Lives or Bernie Medoff's Wall Street firm! The phrase "between the hedges" refers to the famous football field at the University of Georgia in Athens. The late Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Rich Whitt has entitled his book Behind the Hedges, mowing down the duplicitous facade of the University of Georgia's President, Michael Adams.

Whitt alleges and presents evidence of misuse of funds($138,000 spent on parties in Hawaii and Georgia, for example). He presents many incidents of the rampant misconduct that occured on a personal and official level! Various constituencies such as the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board,even officials at the state capital level become players in Whitt's investigation.

The book's publicity has upset students and faculty who fear a drop in donor support and a tarnishing of their school's reputation.

Let us appreciate the University of Montervallo's continued reputation for integrity and transparency. And let us wish our neighboring University the best and a swift plan to get their hedges out of the mud!

Sheldon Hackney, historian, former provost, Princeton University, former President of Tulane and the University of Pennsylvania writes about this book:

" This authoritative tale of colorful characters thrashing about in a tangled web of compromised moral principles should be required reading for everyone in higher education. Behind the Hedges is a clear demonstration that within our universities, the highest ethical precepts should be the foundation of both good politics and effective leadership."

There have been allegations that the book has been mysteriously disappearing from places that could sell it. I received my copy from

Patsy Sears

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