Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Library of Congress Joins YouTube

Last year, we brought you the news that the Library of Congress had established a Flickr account. The Library announced today that it has joined YouTube, starting with more than 70 video clips. The launch collection of videos are divided into several categories including:
2008 National Book Festival author presentations, the Books and Beyond author series, Journeys and Crossings (a series of curator discussions), “Westinghouse” industrial films from 1904, scholar discussions from the John W. Kluge Center, and the earliest movies made by Thomas Edison, including the first moving image ever made (curiously enough, a sneeze by a man named Fred Ott).
LC Director of Communications Matt Raymond promises that the library will soon follow with more videos. For now, enjoy one of the classic Edison recordings of boxing cats! I don't think that he could get away with this one nowadays...

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