Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mercedes in Brazil, April Update

The adventures of Mercedes in Brazil continue as we enter the spring months. She's made recent trips to Brasilia and the southern city of Florianopolis. Above is a postcard that we received around the time of our last update on Mercedes. It's always neat to get a look at the stamps from different countries! Below is Mercedes' photo of Brasilia's Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida. The style of this building really captures the modernistic look of Brazil's capital city.

Last month, Mercedes wrote a post that should be of particular interest to current students who are considering Montevallo's study abroad opportunities. Among her tips for making the most out of the exchange program: "fully commit" to studying the language of the country that you'll be visiting.

With the spring term ending back here in the states it is easy to forget that our friend is in the thick of her studies down in Brazil. Thanks, Mercedes, for sharing your travels with those of us back home!

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